June 17, 2024

Labor Day weekend offers a really good opportunity to do some home improvement projects that get your home ready for winter. Most people get an extra day away from work, and while it may not be the most fun thing to work on the house, it can be really satisfying and worthwhile. Labor Day weekend is a good time to do home improvement projects that focus on preparing the structure for the rigors of harsh weather.

Cleaning the gutters or eaves can be a messy task but it helps protect your home from water leaks, roof damage, and a wet basement. If the gutters are not clear the water pools, the eaves sag, rust, and pull lose from the house. This also allows water to drain into the basement or ground floor in damaging quantities. Unless you have to go buy a ladder – this home improvement project is not going to cost you a lot of money. You just need a good pair of gloves to protect your hands from sharp surfaces. It can be time consuming though. If you move the ladder around the house and climb up and down it will take you a long time. You will also – probably – be very tired when you get done. I have watched people climb on top of the roof, maneuver around on the hands and knees, and be done in about half an hour. Words of caution -if you get vertigo, have a fear of heights, or tend to be clumsy – be safe and hire out this task.

Replacing door trims that are damaged is another home improvement project to do over the holiday weekend. It gets your home ready for winter plus it can save you, according to Lowes.com, approximately 15% on both heating and cooling bills. Door trims can also be called weather stripping. There are two main kinds of weather stripping that go on doors. Sweeps go on the bottom of the door and foam weather-stripping. Sweeps and self adhesive foam strips are available at Lowe’s and other hardware stores. Sweeps are attached to the door with screws. You just cut them to fit the door and screw them in place. The foam is self-adhesive and requires an extremely clean surface.

Outdoor Painting projects for Labor Day weekend are a good choice because the fresh coat of paint protects surfaces from the elements. You just need scrapers, brushes or rollers, primer, and paint. Completing painting projects now, before the weather gets bad, can save you the cost of an expensive repair later. If the unprotected wood rots – then you have a major home improvement project on your hands.

Painting window trim and door jambs is a project that is rewarding in addition to protecting your home’s value. It shows – usually from the road – as soon as you paint so the satisfaction is immediate.

Painting the fascia boards, soffits and under-hangs – like the gutter cleaning – helps extend the life of your roof. The longer the boards that support your roof last – the longer you can expect your roof to last.

Painting or sealing wooden porches and decks (if they didn’t get treated earlier in the season.) will help to protect the wood. If you use a textured paint or sealer this project also makes walking on wet or snow covered surfaces a little bit safer.



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