June 17, 2024

Tiling is a great addition to a new shower and will make your home look great. This type of bathroom home improvement is not difficult to do. It is important to remember to seal your new shower.

When you set your new tiles in the bathroom shower, you will notice that there is a small gap between each of the tiles. This gap should be filled in with grout. You can purchase grout at your local hardware store.

Allow the grout to completely set for a minimum of four hours. You should clean the tiles really well once the grout has set. You can use a damp, clean rag to clean the tiles in the new shower.

Now that the grout has set and the tiles are clean, you need to seal the new shower tiles. Sealing the new shower tiles will keep the bathroom from getting so much mold and mildew in them. This is very important and many new home owners do not do this step of their tiling. You cannot skip this step if you want your bathroom to stay fresh and clean throughout the years.

You have two options with shower tile sealing. You can seal the entire shower, meaning all the tiles and the grout areas. Or the other option is that you can seal only the grout area. Since the mold and mildew normally only gets on the grout areas the worst, most people just seal the grout areas.

Sure it’s a pain to do this type of sealing. But let’s look at it for the long term. Your shower will have less mold and mildew in it because of tile sealing. This will mean your bathroom is not only cleaner but much healthier.

You can purchase tile sealing at your local hardware or home improvement stores. You need clean rags for this project as well. You will load the rag with the tile sealing chemical. Carefully fill the grout lines and areas with the tile sealing compound.

Make certain that the grout has set for at least 72 hours before you apply the tile sealing. This gives the grout time to completely set and absorb the tile sealing much faster.

When you are placing the tile sealing on the grout, keep it off of the tiles. If some gets on the tiles, immediately clean. Some forms of tile sealing can actually stain your tiles or darken them. This is another reason that you do not want to sea all the shower tiles unless they are already a very dark color.

That completes your tiling a new shower project. Let the sealant remain on the tiles for a minimum of forty-eight hours before using your new shower.

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