June 17, 2024

Home Improvement: Signs Your Contractor Could Be Scamming You - Scam ...

Spring is here and summer is drawing close and many homeowners are looking forward to start home improvement. There’s nothing like looking at old photos of your home and comparing it to what it would look like in 2 to 3 months from now. But before you start searching around and hiring anyone to transform your house, be wise before you get a contractor and do your homework.

Construction and remodeling complaints have rose within 4 years during the period of 2002-2006 by 28 percent. The reason for the complaints are stealers and cheaters that tend to be the type of contractor that you are looking for but later in the end when its too late, you’re left with nothing but the remains of what used to be your house and an empty wallet. Contractor fraud is a very common practice here in the United States and it cost consumers annually $100 billion a year. The home is typically the biggest investment of any family and no homeowner wants to jeopardize their investment in the hands of a “less than reputable” company or person.

There are many trusted contractors which are qualified and can only give a solid service when you contact them online like Qualified Contractors, INC. Other contractors can be right in your neighborhood sending flyers and posters to your house waiting for you to make a false move and call them. Service Magic.com is also one well trusted site that many homeowners go to get the right price and service they deserve.

The search for a reputable contractor or trades person is daunting for many homeowners and can be filled with a lot of stress. When you hire a contractor online and aren’t sure about his qualifications, your best defense is to check his status and license number online. Do not take a contractor credentials at face value. It’s easy to make a business card, but do they have proof of being qualified and legit? Here are some ways you can save yourself from being in the wrong situation:

– Slow down. Finding a good contractor takes time and research.

– Be aware of people going door to door soliciting business.

– Ask to see Proof of Liability Insurance.

– Be worried about contractors who ask you to obtain building permits, it is not your job, it’s theirs.

– Be worried of contractors who demand payment up front or cash only.

– Before everything takes place, let your home insurance company know. Don’t wait until the last minute.

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