June 17, 2024

Many folks out there may have heard these commercial on the radio for this company called Bath Fitter. Bath Fitter touts themselves as the “one day bath remodeling” specialists who can basically redo your bath in a day. They specialize in bath remodeling, shower remodeling, tub to shower conversions, bath and shower accessories and so much more. In these troubled economic times Bath Fitter also offers 90 days same as cash and 100% financing is available. Many folks out there may be looking to improve their home for sale or there are many folks who are not doing so badly and not considering leaving their homes; they just want to improve their quality of life and are looking at some of the attractive financing options and some of the great deals that are available right now seemingly everywhere. For both of these categories of folks; finding out a little bit more about Bath Fitter seems a good idea.

Bath Fitter is “North America’s leading acrylic bath, shower, bath tub refinishing and wall system company.” Many folks think that a big company like Bath Fitter would have to work off an assembly line. While that may be partly true, the fact is that there are only so many sizes to make a bathtub. Moreover at Bath Fitter their “products are custom molded to fit right over existing fixtures for quick and clean bathroom remodeling and bathtub refinishing that is complete in less than a day.”

Bath Fitter is not a new kid on the block either. Bath Fitter has been around since 1984 remodeling and refinishing bathrooms in “hundreds of thousands of homes, apartment buildings, hotels and other multi-unit properties” throughout their network.

Bath Fitter has two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities; one in Springfield, Tennessee and one in MontrĂ©al where they make their molds as well as the other “top quality acrylic material for bathroom remodeling, bath tub restoration and bath tub refinishing.”

Bath Fitter is quickly being recognized as the industry standard for bathtubs as they are partnering with all sorts of independent suppliers in a number of familiar places. A quick Internet search turns up hundreds of thousands if not millions of partners with whom Bath Fitter works on an ongoing basis. While some folks may be suspicious of anyone they hear about doing any kind of good business in these troubled times they should know that business is still being done by quality companies doing quality work all the while. There are people who are succeeding and Bath Fitter is among these as they keep satisfying their customers day after day. If you would like to learn more about having your bath remodeled or if you feel like Bath Fitter could help you do something like sell your home in a bad situation, why not find out more information?

Bath Fitter recently personally affected my life as my mother had to redo her bathroom on her house for sale and she partnered with Bath Fitter which helped raise the asking price of her home substantially.http://www.bathfitter.com/cie_profile.html804-329-6575.

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