June 17, 2024

If you’re looking for a special gift this Mother’s day, consider a home improvement project. It will last the whole year and possibly allow you to scratch off an entry on your honey do list.

I’m sure there is something around the house (or outside) that your wife or mother has been hinting about. Or, perhaps you’ve noticed a situation that you could resolve. Maybe the closet is a mess or there are craft projects taking over the dining room table? Pay attention for a few days to see what kind of little project you can do to make a big difference around the house. Odds are your woman will agree.

There are many sites to look at for inspiration. You can type “diy projects” into your favoritesearch engine and come up with page after page. A few sites I like are:


They are a great starting point and offer how to videos and articles. I recommend doing something that will be noticed and used almost everyday. That way you’ll continue to reap the rewards of your thoughtfulness long after the work is done.

You could decide on something romantic and put up a porch swing so you can sit together on warm summer nights. Or, you could decide on something more practical like a well designed craft room or a closet organizer. There are so many options. Just make sure it’s something SHE will enjoy… not a new toilet or replacing the garage door.

Spring time is wonderful for outdoor projects in particular. Having a yard greatly increases your options. If you’re wife/mother enjoys gardening consider building a trellis with a planter to nicely display vining flowers. A walkway or decorative stepping stones may also compliment her hard work and beautiful plants. Stepping stones can be customized in many ways including design, color, and shape according to your needs. Adding solar lighting to the new path will make it enjoyable at night.

You don’t have a yard? Fear not! There are options for you too. If you have a deck you can put up a deck rail planter for some flowers or a small herb garden. Window planters would work well if the deck isn’t an option.

Most of the projects I’ve listed will take a short time to complete. Now you have to figure out if it will be a surprise. You could send her to a spa or give her a shopping card while you put together her gift at home. Another option is letting her help you. Women always enjoy having input and if she “supervises” it is sure to be perfectly done her way.

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