June 17, 2024

The wall to wall carpets do not only make your house look dated but they are also a very unhealthy flooring option. If you do not remove the carpeting because you dread the sight of floors under your carpet, consider replacing the flooring with tiles. The tiles are a great option to have the perfect flooring and to be used for other purposes in the home decor. The good news is that one does not have to break the bank for purchasing tiles.

The vital principle of buying cheap tiles: Buy without being choosy

It can save one hundreds of dollars, if one can make up the mind to buy tiles without being too choosy. Most of the tiles are always versatile enough to go with many different décor themes. Moreover different shades, colors, sizes, and designs of the same type of tile can be mixed and matched.

If one makes up one’s mind to exhibit a little flexibility in the choice of tiles, it is possible to bring down the cost of tiling in the home décor significantly by using one or more of the following ideas.

Idea # 1 for buying cheap tiles: Buy the tiles on sale

Sometimes when the tile showrooms or the superstores run low of a particular tile, which is not going to be produced again for quite a while, they put the leftovers on sale. One or two boxes of these tiles might not be the ones you’ve always dreamed of. Alternatively, the tiles on sale might not be enough to cover the entire bathroom floor but when mixed with your favorite tiles (which you have to buy at regular prices); these would bring down the total cost of tiling a particular space.

Idea # 2 for buying cheap tiles: Buy second grade tiles

The tiles which do not reach one or some of the quality standards after production are called ‘seconds’. The seconds can be discolored, indentured, scratched, or unfinished. However, most of the times the ‘seconds’ only have minor scratches or mild discoloration. Buy the ‘seconds’ if they do not have serious quality degradations that may encourage leaks, mold and mildew. These tiles usually prove to be a budget buy especially in the outdoor spaces or the spaces with a rustic décor theme.

Idea # 3 for buying cheap tiles: Buy the tiles from resellers

The garage sales and the flee markets are great places to find cheap tiles. Of course, such tiles are never used but the fact that they are clutter for the owner makes them available at very low prices. Again, those tiles might not be enough to cover the area you have planned but they can be mixed with other tiles to bring down the total cost of tiling.

However, be ware. Do not buy the wood tiles from unknown resellers. It is hard to tell if the wood is infested!

Idea # 4 for buying cheap tiles: Buy the tiles from factory outlets

Usually the factory outlets sell the stuff at remarkably low prices. When one has to tile an entire room or more than one room, then it is a good idea to buy the tiles from the factory outlet. The factories also sell ‘seconds’ at even lower prices.

Idea # 5 for buying cheap tiles: Buy the tiles from wholesalers

Buying in wholesale is always cheaper when compared to buying in retail. The common perception is that one has to buy in bulk to get the wholesale prices but these days many wholesalers allow buying lesser number of items at the wholesale price. However, be ready to shop around a lot to find the best wholesale deal.

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