June 17, 2024

HGTV and DIY network has been America’s authority on do it yourself projects home improvement projects. The shows on both networks give great tips and projects guaranteed to boost any home value. Both networks have even shown us it does not take a lot of money to add value to your home. Showing us we do not always have to call in contractors, with just a little elbow grease, hard work, lots of patients and the right tools, we can do it! Rather it’s fixing leaky plumbing to adding curb appeal to your home DIY and HGTV will show you how it is done. DIY network have taken an interactive approach to designing and building. I love watching home improvement shows on both channels because it gives me ideas on designs I love to try around my home, to add value or change the look. What home owner would want to add value to their home?

  • Blog Cabin on DIY network- I pick this show because it makes house building interactive. Blog Cabin allows you the viewer to pick how the cabin is going to be design. The viewers get to pick everything from the paint on the walls to floor material of this Cabin. This show has made home building interactive, progress is show on television and posted on blog on DYInetwork.com. Blog Cabin not only builds the cabin the way viewers want it but also give it to a lucky viewer. So if you watch the show and enter the giveaway you will have a chance to win the cabin being built. When building on the cabin the host will give tips along the way along with cheaper alternatives. The show also shows you how to do projects from scratch. Blog Cabin airs on DYI network between 9pm-11pm eastern times.
  • Curb Appeal on HGTV – Great show to learn how to improve the appearance of your home. Each episodes feature real homeowners and their homes guest experts give advices and tips on different landscape , paint and other tips to improve the appearance of the home. The guest expert will discuss the needs of owner and the crew will get to work on the home. This show is a personal favorite because the first impression of a home is always the outside. No matter how good the house may look on the inside if the outside is not exact the most appealing more than like people would just pass it by. Curb Appeal airs on HGTV between 12:30pm-1pm eastern standard time.
  • Sweat Equity on DIY network- This show is all about improving your Home’s value in two weeks. This show help determine which home improvement projects will give the home most value for the homeowners buck. I try to catch this show often because this is a great show for do it yourselfers. Watching this show have given me some of the best ideas to improve my home value. I have redone my bathroom watching this show. Kitchen improvements will always add value to any home but landscaping and exterior are cheaper and will add value. Sweat Equity air on DYI network Wednesday 10/9c
  • Design on a Dime on HGTV- This show is all about style, style and style. The host and crew makes over space of design conscious homeowners on a tight budget. For about $1000 Design on a Dime crew will transform a space from boring to style perfection. This show gives viewers tips on how to revamp old furniture and breathe life into your space. I love this show because it’s has give me idea on redoing my old sofa. Design on a Dime is on HGTV.
  • Yard Crashers on DIY- The host Ahmed Hassan scouts for homes to redo. Hassan goes into a local home improvement store and asks unsuspecting customers about doing landscape makeovers. Everyday people get landscape makeovers by Hassan. Hassan not only transforms the homeowner’s yard but give great do it yourself tips for the weekend warriors. I have gotten some great outdoor makeover tips from Hassan. Not only is the landscape a site for sore eyes but so is the host. Yard Crashers on DIY Network Monday 9/8c
    HGTV and DIY network has a show for anything related to homes. You can do It yourself, if just design, landscaping or just simple home improvement these shows will help.

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